CuNi 90/10 Boxcooler

Your expectations are clear: thousands of hours of smooth operation with no disruptions. The WEKA Boxcooler with robust and clear-cut design allows minimal operational maintenance and reliability.

WEKA Boxcoolers®, or tube heat exchangers, offer the system a robust yet simple design that operates efficiently even under high ambient conditions. Although these conditions may not seem wholly desirable to produce the cooling capabilities that will satisfy the needs of your hydraulic system, their thermal efficiencies offer exceptional heat transfer to do the job. These cooling units have been accepted worldwide for the past 25 years and have gained the respect of many in the marine industry.

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Weka Guard


Exclusive to WEKA Boxcoolers are the WEKA Protector Type T and WEKA Guard. This equipment helps to minimize potential damage to the units and hull from stray electrical currents and galvanic corrosion. The weka guard, which drains away the welding currents, will be used when the ship is under construction

Weka Protector


The Weka Protector Type T will protect the boxcooler, while in operation, from being damaged by ICCP-systems or current originating from the sacrificial anodes. It also allows the copper-nickel to maintain its anti-fouling capabilities, protecting the tubes from marine growth.

Ultra sonic


For exceptional circumstances Weka has an ultra sonic system. This system protects the boxcooler 24/7 on low voltage, the seachest and the cooling tubes remain free from marine growth once the ship for example: Is not in operation for a long time, when the flow of the seawater in the sea-chest isn’t optimal or is operating in extreme environments.


Easy maintenance

After a few years the ship will return for standard docking. When neccesary the Weka boxcoolers can be cleaned with high pressure water. Because of the green layer on the Copper Nickel tubes they will be easily cleaned.

Coated boxcoolers must normally be sand blasted. There for they must be coated again.

The Weka boxcooler:

  • Eliminates raw water pumps, strainers, and filters.
  • Is much less susceptible to corrosion and fouling than any other solution.
  • Is virtually maintenance free. Operation costs therefore are much lower than for any other cooling system.
  • Cools engines up to 20,000 kw in-hull protection.

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Hull structure

The sea chest requires careful planning. The inlet and outlet slots of the sea chest must provide a constant flow of seawater over the boxcoolers tubes. The inlet slots are located at the base of the sea chest and should be positioned transversely to the outlet slots on the side of the sea chest. The outlet slots should be positioned as close to the top of the sea chest as possible. The outlet slots must always remain below the waterline, even when the vessel is in a light draft condition

A boxcooler is installed one of two ways, athwartship or longitudinal.


Athwartship Installation


Longitudinal Installation


Stepping unit (thigt Spaces)


Heat sources

Our boxcooler can be designed to support single or multiple heat sources on one unit.


Single Heat Source


Multiple circuits